The Suter Family Story

Carson Suter - Born 2009

Carson was diagnosed with PMD at 9 months of age after extensive testing. A failed hearing test at birth got the ball rolling and from there the first symptom to appear was nystagmus at around 4 months. Our neurologist was very diligent and the last test she ran on him was for PMD and he was positive. We sent off all his testing results (mri, hearing test, blood work) to the great Dr. Garbern who believed he had a “Null” form of PMD which is thought to be a milder form. We certainly respect his decision and his advice.

Carson is now 2 1/2 and a happy, loving little guy. He attends physical therapy twice a week, speech once a week and occupational once a week and also hippo therapy once a week (busy guy). Carson has a stander and has a wheelchair on order for he is not walking. He doesn’t really talk, says Momma a lot but mostly just babbles.

We are looking into preschool for Carson. He is really intelligent and understands everything and he just loves other children so we think this would be a great opportunity for him.

He eats pureed food and drinks pediasure. One thing is for sure he is the cutest, most adorable boy in the world to us and through our eyes we see no handicap.