Patti Daviau, Board Member


Patti’s three sons were all affected by PMD, Georgie (4/1/73 – 4/9/85), Adam (6/11/76 – 3/18/01), and Brantley (4/30/82 – 3/24/85). She has a long family history of PMD, their’s is one of the largest PMD families ever studied.

One of the first identified PLP1 PMD mutations was identified in Patti’s family by researchers from the Indiana University Medical Center.

In 1985 she started a PMD Family Support newsletter. Then in 1990 Patti hosted the first Annual PMD Family Support Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, the annual conference still continues to this day.

She also created the first online support groups for PMD families on Yahoo (2003) and Facebook (2009). Patti has been a member of the PMD Foundation board since its inception in 1997. In 2010 she won the nationally known Jefferson Award for her work with PMD families.

Patti is still actively involved in promoting family support and awareness though her work with PMD Family Support, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2015.

Affectionately referred to as “Mama Bear” or “Mother Hen” Patti is one of the first contacts for many PMD families across the US and around the world. She is very proud of “her families” and all their personal accomplishments like; The PMD Foundation, Morgan’s Place, Unlimited Play, Hope for Gabe, Triumph for Tomas, Jones Family Walk and Roll, and many other endeavors that raise PMD awareness and promote research.