Executive Director Letter April 2018

A note of thanks on my first anniversary!

I’m nearing my first anniversary as being the PMD Foundation’s Executive Director and I can tell you I love my job, it is my dream job. I won’t say that the job doesn’t have its struggles but we have an amazing board of directors that help support me in my role.

This year, I have been able to not only host a golf tournament but I was able to represent the Foundation at the golf outing for Gabe VandenBerge in Michigan in August. I was also thankful for the cooler weather because we are in the heat of Summer in August and are typically in the crazy 80th day of 100-degree temperatures.

In addition to the golf outings, I’ve been able to talk to new families that haven’t heard of the PMD Foundation before and found us by doing a simple google search or found us on Facebook. These families have older PMD affected boys that have felt that they were on an island, alone.

One of the amazing parts of the job is asking these new families to join our village, our pack, our family!  

We truly are a family and it is amazing getting to know families on a more personal level when they call the Foundation.

As we began 2018, we deployed a new series called “Meet your PMD Warrior” where I get to personally interview a PMD family.  We have had a great response in our “village” watching and learning more about each warrior and I’m pleased to announce that we have every month covered for 2018.

It was once told to me that our kids are like snowflakes and no two are the same.

This statement is so true and this series allows us to learn the personalities of those affected and why they are so incredible.

In addition to meeting and visiting with the families, we have had an increase in our fundraising from you, the PMD community.  Did you know that a young man held a garage sale for his cousin affected by PMD? He sent in over $500 in his efforts. Jaden Manley donated his birthday to the PMD Foundation and raised over $3,000.  Parker and Peyton’s aunt, Brandee Nice, asked for donations for the PMD Foundation instead of gifts to her wedding. One family hosted a clothing sale and raised over $1,200. At the end of the year, we raised over $18,000 for the end of year giving.  

Why are donations so important? The PMD Foundation only receives donations to date, while we are looking for grants that can help, we rely solely on our community of friends and family to help our mission to find a treatment and an eventual cure.

Right now we are in a good season for the Foundation.  Did you read the news from our Board Chair, Dave? He talks about a natural history study that needs participation.  

We, the Foundation will bring more information on how to participate. Have you thought about what you can do for the Foundation? There are opportunities, both for volunteering and even raising money for research. I would love to connect with anyone that has an interest in helping the Foundation. If I can help you find the best way to volunteer, I encourage you to contact me using our contact page.  

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!