2nd Annual Harter Cup


Doug began attending the PMD NJ golf outing over 10 years ago and became hooked on the event given the ability to spend the day with others in the PMD community and share this experience with friends and family. The event became an annual tradition for the Harters and one of their favorite days of the year. Over the 8 years that they took part in the event they were able to introduce numerous friends to the fantastic event. The Harters were disappointed when the PMD Golf outing did not continue after its 14th year so they decided to host their own golf outing dubbed the Harter cup!

The Harter Cup is played in support of the PMD Foundation and named in the memory of Jack, Dick (Jack’s grandfather), and John (Jack’s great uncle) Harter. Jack was born in April 2006 and diagnosed with PMD later that year. Dick and John were 2 of Jack’s favorite people, who could always make him laugh and at parties would always be found sneaking Jack pieces of cake (even though Jack was fed by g-tube)! While the 3 Harter boys would have loved the fun, friend-filled afternoon their spirit was definitely present at the event. Before the event, Mark Harter (Doug’s cousin)  reminded all of the participants of the event to “smile like Jack, make others laugh like Dick, and tell stories like John.” It is safe to say that these goals were accomplished during the day.

In total there were 16 golfers that took place in this year’s Harter Cup with the team of Paul Trupia, Tim Ryan, Jeff Knight and Doug Harter winning the cup this year. From a PMD Foundation perspective, the day was a success as well with close to $4,000 being raised for the Foundation.

The Harter Cup is a smaller undertaking than a full-blown golf outing, but still an important fundraiser for the Foundation. If you have questions about trying to recreate your own smaller fundraiser please don’t hesitate to reach out to Doug Harter or Doris Parker at contact@pmdfoundation.com.